Spoken English


The aim of this is to familiarize the learners with the basic language

To enable them to read, learn and memorize simple words

To help them to understand simple English while spoken at normal speed

To develop favorable attitude and interest towards English language

To enable them to read simple stories for oral speaking

To help them to have small vocabulary with active command over it

To help them to develop observational and recognition skill through picture reading

It helps to develop self confidence

To help them to inculcate self study habit of reading

To motivate them to learn and speak language appropriately.

Making spellings through writing

Consonants and vowel sounds

Basic vocabulary (Word to word meaning)

Story telling


Confidence building

Basic English Communication practice


To help them to understand the various aspects of grammar

To build the language of a learner with enriching vocabulary

To develop their language through activities to cater daily needs

To help them to understand modern approach of grammar through various activities

To assist learners to develop self confidence

To motivate them to speak with proper accuracy

To inculcate good manners among them

To enable them to use accurate words in their speech

To develop speaking skills through reading

To motivate them to get promoted to the next level.

Basic concepts of grammar

Vocabulary (word power)

Situational talks

Daily Conversations

Role Play

Story building

Manners and etiquettes of English Communication with practical application.


To make them acquainted with functional grammar

To help them to use grammar in their daily communication

To help them to learn new words

To make them clear with the grammatical concepts

To help them to achieve command over language

To develop learning and speaking skills

through various activities help them to draw out their confidence

To develop their presentation skills

To motivate them to talk more and more

To motivate them to get promoted to the next level

Grammar- Parts of Speech

All tenses with different activities

Vocabulary building with memory techniques.

Sentence Construction (word order)

Types of sentences

Active and Passive Voice

Confidence building

Stage Courage

Daily Conversation

Role Plays



To assist a learner for the all round development in English communication

To help them to communicate in English in a natural and in an effective way

To help them use to cope up with everyday English

To enable them to provide ample of opportunities to have one to one communication

To encourage them to exchange their ideas and opinion in group talks

To assist them to develop presentation skills

To make them self – reliant

To motivate them to be enough confident to speak English in an appropriate manner

To encourage them to be self confident and presentable in front of an ordinary crowd

To make them updated with new things in the world of communication.

Advanced grammar concepts.

Advanced Vocabulary.

Basic pronunciation.

Presentation Skills.

Interview Techniques.

Telephonic conversation.

Group presentation.

Group Discussions.

Debating & Extempore

Soft Skills.


To help a learner to understand the pleasure of speaking English

To enable them to learn linguistic skills and experience it

To help them to be creative in all the aspects of speaking

To make them speak fluently

To assist them to learn appropriate pronunciation

To enable them to develop practical approach in speaking language

To motivate them to use their ideas and speech correctly and precisely

To help them to learn presentation skills

To encourage them to create interest in English language

To make them completely perfect in all the areas of communication

Effectivity in Language Communication

Polishing the Language

How to Speak Accurately

Practical Talk

Situational Talk

Group Presentation

Latest Pronunciation

Group Discussions

Advanced Debate

Soft Skills

Telephone etiquettes


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