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To help a learner to crack interview

To enable them to be presentable for taking an interview

To assist them to eliminate nervousness

To help them to grab the job easily

To assist them to acquire the self – confidence to win the Interview Board

To enable them to elicit a positive impression in interview

To help them to be answerable for any question in interview

To enable them to have a positive attitude

To make them aware of mannerism in interview

To assist them to be self- confident.

What is interview

Effective resume.cv writing

Grooming, manners and etiquette

Body language, Eye Contact

Common Interview Questions

Mock Interview

Principle of communication.

Draft writing, letter writing.

Interviews and meetings.

Report writing

Agenda and minutes of meeting

Email etiquettes

Business jargons.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Neutralization of Accent [ removing MTI (Mother Tongue Influence)

Combination of Vowels.

Jaw Relaxation Exercises.

Common Sounds.

Sentence and Passage Reading.


Listening Skills.

Voice Modulation.

Phonetic Sounds.

Diphthongs and Consonants.

Writing Skills

Reading Skill with Comprehension

Listening Skills

Concentration Techniques

Memory Techniques 6. Study Habits

Note Taking n Note Making

Time Management

Mind Mapping

Removing test anxiety.


It helps a learner to understand the true meaning of life in the best way

It assist them to think logically and practically

It helps to build your character in a positive manner

It covers your vital issues like self – awareness, self- esteem and positive self- image

It enables you to gain useful insights of personality to take remedial actions

It hones your memory skills

It helps you to be an assertive personality

This programme enables you to get rid of stress by inculcating positive mind programming.

It helps you to set your desired goal

It helps you to give satisfaction in your life and motivates you to live a life to the fullest.

Personality Development

SWOT Analysis

Study of mind

Goal setting & Time Management

Positive thinking

Human relations

Communication skills

Stress Management

Relaxation Techniques

Concentration Techniques

Public Speaking & Memory Enhancement

Body Language

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